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Personal Bio: Andrea Massop Ramos, M.S. Clinical Nutrition-Founder and CEO of Healthy FRIENDZ Nutrition. 

Honored as one of 2018's Outstanding woman of the year for her service in Community Nutrition for children, by New York State Governor Cuomo, NYS Sportscene Children's Foundation and Suffolk County Legislator, Andrea Massop Ramos is a Clinical Nutritionist and a Personal Chef. She earned her Bachelors of Science in Biology and a minor in Psychology from Syracuse University. After college Andrea went to work for the airlines to take a break before Medical School, little did she know, she would remain there for 20yrs. She further went on to work for Metro-North Railroad as an Operations Manager overseeing over 900+ locomotive engineers and conductors.  She then moved on to work as an Investigator for accidents and incidents in the Office of System Safety. While at the Railroad, Andrea earned her Masters Degree in Clinical Nutrition from New York Institute of Technology.  With her added qualifications, Andrea founded, Healthy4U, a Corporate Health and Well Being Group at Metro North Railroad, which continues to exist today.

Andrea has 2 children, and while living in Newburgh, New York during the 90’s, she grew her own organic garden with the help of her young children.  Andrea wanted the best for her family, as every mom wants, so she wanted to make sure the best nutrients were going into their bodies and what better way of knowing, than to grow your own organic garden. As a family a compost pile was created with the residuals of whole foods, like banana peels, coffee grinds, skins of fruits and vegetables, egg shells, leaves, and grass cuttings, etc. Her children, Paris and Janae were thrilled to collect and add to the compost pile, and observe the evolvement of earthworms, "by no means were we scared or grossed out by these little creatures because we learned their value and necessity to provide a better quality soil for our use". As a family working together, a large portion of the backyard was created to being an organic garden, leaving room for their trampoline, of course. They grew eggplant, different 

colored bell peppers, broccoli, cantaloupe, watermelon, zucchini squash, cucumbers, corn, scallion, tomatoes, pumpkin, just to name a few.  As the fruits and vegetables grew, the excitement of running outside to see if they were ready to be picked was turned into a game, “who could tell if it's ready, and who picked the most”, then they were brought in, cleaned and cooked together as a family.  You see, doing all of this together was key.  "This allowed my children the curiosity to taste everything they cultivated. They were somewhat picky eaters before, but once we grew our own, they ate everything from our garden. They were a little skeptical on some other foods that we didn’t grow, like mushrooms and okra, but that wasn’t a problem at all, just chop it up and add it to our meat sauce, lasagna, chili, or soups, along with the veggies from the garden, and voilà! they had no idea, they were eating the foods they claimed they didn’t like.  My biggest “win-win” and AHA moment, was grilling a Portabella Mushroom and serving it like it was steak, my children questioned it, but they also ate it. From that point on, there was no problem eating new or different foods, I just incorporated anything they made a face at, into a meal they liked, and it was a done deal…no more whining, crying or bargaining to eat their food." 

When their friends came over, that was another challenge.  They would ask, what was an avocado, or cauliflower or even a mango, so in the same tune, fruits and vegetables were introduced to the neighborhood kids, and classmates in fun, creative ways. Have you ever had black bean brownies? They are awesome, who would ever know.

This mindset is what led to the rise of Healthy FRIENDZ Nutrition.

Andrea is very concerned with the growing rate of Obesity in the U.S., especially in our youth population with the childhood obesity epidemic, and the adult like health concerns that haunts our youth. With her passion for children coupled with this obesity epidemic, Healthy FRIENDZ Nutrition was created (FRIENDZ= Fun Recreation Inspire Encourage Nutrition Daily with Zest). 

Healthy FRIENDZ provides nutrition education to children and families in a fun interactive way via workshops, food presentations, menu planning and personal chef services, all based on ethnicity and cultural heritage of the client. The goal is to “Learn how to Eat, Learn how to Live.” Healthy FRIENDZ builds confidence, and self esteem, by getting the family on one cohesive journey to a healthier “YOU”.

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