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Professional Services

Vision Statement

At Healthy Friendz, our vision is to empower individuals to embrace their unique abilities, fostering a sense of accomplishment,  self worth and self love. We believe in creating a supportive community that encourages personal growth, where every achievement, 

big or small is celebrated.

Cooking workshop with Kids Stock photo.jpeg


Experience a workshop with fresh foods, clean eating & all its benefits! A one-hour session includes: Food demonstrations and interactive learning with fresh foods. We discuss the nutritional values of the foods and swap out unhealthy foods with healthy alternatives. Workshops are customized to your needs and can cover themes like leadership training, mental health, STEAM/STEM, and Public Speaking, all taught with fresh foods.

Food provided by Healthy FRIENDZ

*Large groups or organization please email or call for rates


Speaking Engagements

Book Andrea as a keynote or inspirational speaker on topics such as a healthy lifestyle, Food is self care, or addressing health concerns with foods/ Food is Medicine.

Call for Rates!


(516) 564-3485

Chef service

Private Health Chef Services

Healthy FRIENDZ will come to you and prepare three complete meals.

A member of our team comes to your home to prepare and meals that are healthy & taste good, without compromising your traditional meals, ethnicity or cultural heritage. We put the healthy twist on the meals you are accustomed to. Our healthy servings are for up to three days of meals.

*Consultation Required*

3.5 HR | Rates start at $300.00/wk

Contact us for our package rates.

Book your first session with Andrea! When you select a service with us, you are on your way to a personalized experience designed just for you. To kick off this journey, we offer an initial consultation where we delve into

your unique requirements, preferences, and expectations


Food Tours

Coming Soon!

cmmuity gardens

Community Gardens

An exploratory experience for families to learn how to plant fresh herbs, fruits, and vegetables. From composting to harvest, we will learn the important benefits that fresh grown foods can provide to your body.

Contact For Rates: 


(516) 564-3485

kitchen mkeover

Kitchen & Cabinet Makeover

Our kitchen and cabinet makeover consist of assessing the food in your cabinet, refrigerator, and freezer. We will give you a list of healthy replacements, as well as introducing you to additional healthy food choices.


Rates Start at $125

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